Robert Glasby

Ed`s son, and probably our smallest member as opposed to Ed who is probably our biggest.

Robert joined the club in January 2013 using a custom junior bow, and with some very lightweight¼” Dobbs arrows he is already achieving some great results, including winning the prestigious 2014 Robert Wallis trophy shoot

Flight Colours

Highest Badge Achived
(Best Score 53)

Scores & Awards

CHLS Awards:


CHLS Awards:

2023: Best 10 Shoots Average: (18.50)

Winner of the Wooden Spoon (for a stirring effort)

CHLS Awards:

2014: Overall Season Average: 23.8 / 15th
1st Robert Wallis Handicap Trophy (52 – Nett 117)
50+ Badge Awarded

CHLS Awards:

2013:   Best 10 Shoots Average: 24.4 / 17th