James Harris
Chairman/Shoot Captain/Safety Officer

Jame Harris Joined CHLS after his first shoot over the christmas break.

James Has Bought two Longbows both made by Chris Radbone

He is currently favouring a 53lb triple laminate bow originally made for Dave Bevan which has hardly been used and looks brand new.

James's fletching colours are fom his family coat of arms of red,yellow and blue.

"Hello, I am James, new to the longbow family and i am chuffed to be part of this group of people. I'm originally from the north of england and was into all the country side sports from shooting to fishing, so archery is my new found adventure."

"Hopefully I can give it a good go and get very involved ! I am fairly competetive and like to think I could get up there with the best over time. I have to say thanks to Spinner (Dave) and Biscuit (Richard) for inviting me to have a go and also Jon Shead for the full set up he's provided me with to start out this sport"

Flight Colours

Highest Badge Achived
(Best Score 74)

Scores & Awards

CHLS Awards:


I.L.A.A Awards:
CHLS Awards:

2023: Best 10 Shoots Average: (65.80)

50+ Badge Awarded

2nd Crecy Trophy Winner 44/83

2nd Wednesday Trophy Cup Winner (131.80)

2nd Wednesday Master Archer (11)

CHLS Awards:

2022: Best 10 Shoots Average: did not qualify